Call for Proposals: Consultancy for Developing Tools on Building Coalitions at the Local Level
The Global Disaster Preparedness Center (GDPC) is requesting proposals for a new consultancy on Consultancy for Developing Tools on Building Coalitions at the Local Level.

Working in collaboration with the IFRC and American Red Cross, the GDPC has received an award from USAID/OFDA to design and test a set of tools and services to assist RCRC National Societies and other local organizations to create effective city coalitions on community resilience, targeting climate smart resilience and coastal risk reduction in particular. The idea is that the RCRC National Societies or other local organizations would convene relevant partner organizations in lasting coalitions to focus city-wide expertise, capabilities, and resources on priority risks facing vulnerable communities in the city. The coalitions are intended to complement existing urban governance processes led by the local governments and draw wider support from the business community, universities, civil society organizations, and other stakeholders into city-wide civic engagement on community resilience.

One of the key elements to this initiative is the identification, review and enhancement of existing tools and methodologies for supporting RCRC local branches and other local organizations to promote civil engagement to address risk through either new or existing city level coalitions. These tools and methodologies will help local organizations to develop skills to a) conduct a stakeholder analysis of the development landscape and operating environment, b) identify and engage like-minded external partners, c) organize civic engagement on community resilience through a coalition, and d) training members of city level coalitions for continuity/sustainability. They will complement other tools on city-wide assessment and prioritization of risks and solution and campaign design that will also be refined or developed under the project.

The consultancy will deliver the three following outputs:

  1. Development of a set of approaches/methodologies for RCRC National Societies or other local organizations or leaders to initiate or strengthen city level coalitions
  2. Development of learning and knowledge material, including a toolkit of, templates, tools, guidebooks and videos as well as a standard training package which would help RCRC National Societies, local government leaders and communities to support city- and district-level collaboration and coalition building 
  3. Testing of the methodology, tools, and training materials in four pilot cities (two in Indonesia and two likely in Vanuatu) and further refinement of the resources based on learnings from the trainings where necessary
  4. Conceptualization and facilitation of an on-going training and mentoring / coaching strategy for regional and national support to city-level coalition members to help them run their coalitions successfully
Please see the attached Terms of Reference and Proposal Template for additional information on the consultancy and the submission guidelines. 

Submission of proposals: deadline September 07, 2016

For questions, please contact Ian O’Donnell ( and Colin Fernandes (

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