BCP Step 5: Extend

By completing Step 5, you will learn how establish a basic public relations plan, how to partner with government agencies, how to sustain the BCP, and how to help others prepare by extending outside the walls of your business into your community. Resources are available, linked in the text as well as accessible in the “Resources” section, to guide you through Step 5: Extend. Remember, these guidelines are basic knowledge and you are encouraged to tailor them to meet your specific business’s needs.

Have you recently created or revised your business continuity program?  Make sure to help others prepare by sharing your story so they may learn effective ways to create their own business continuity program.

How to partner with government agencies

  • Contact the local emergency management officials to aid in the development of your emergency response plan.
  • Contact your local fire and police departments/outreach teams to aid in drills.
  • Attend events, whether awareness campaigns, informational booths, or funraisers sponsored by the departments to get to know staff.

A disaster should not be the first time you meet and interact with government agencies, first responders, or government officials.

How to sustain the BCP

  • Identify what long-term resources (internal and external) are available to your business. 
  • Make it a priority to transition new people into vacant committee positions. Keep very accurate information regarding employee turnover and new vacancies. If possible, conduct and exit-interview with the individual vacating the team to receive feedback on the BCP and their role within it.
  • Remember, throughout the year, have benchmarks and checks to ensure up-to-date information within plans and that emergency kits are fully stock as well as teams fully staffed.

How to help others prepare

  • Host safety preparedness events, blood drives, and educational campaigns.
  • Contribute preparedness supplies and/or services to others.
  • Adopt a local school or sponsor a non-profits preparedness efforts.
  • Provide scholarships for employees to receive preparedness and emergency training.
  • Share your story with us!

Preparedness efforts extend outside company walls. A prepared community boosts resiliency, spurs collaboration, establishes relationships, and opens dialogue!