Six Characteristics of a Safe and Resilient Community

Recent research has put forward six core characteristics that suggest a 'safe and resilient' community:

  1. is knowledgeable and healthy, with the ability to assess, manage and monitor relevant risks while learning new skills to better address these while tapping collective experience.
  2. is organised. It has the capacity to identify problems, establish priorities and act.
  3. is connected. It has relationships with external actors who provide a wider supportive environment, and supply goods and services when needed
  4. has infrastructure and services. It has strong housing, transport, power, water and sanitation systems. It has the ability to maintain, repair and renovate them.
  5. has economic opportunities. It has a diverse range of employment opportunities, income and financial services.  It is flexible, resourceful and has the capacity to accept uncertainty and respond (proactively) to change.
  6. can manage its natural assets. It recognizes their value and has the ability to protect, enhance and maintain them. (IFRC, 2012)