Universal App Program: Development Process

The Global Disaster Preparedness Center’s (GDPC) Universal App Program provides efficient and cost-effective access to First Aid and Hazard apps that inform users about what to do before, during, and after emergencies. The GDPC has created an easily-adaptable mobile app platform—based on existing Red Cross mobile apps—and works with Red Cross/Red Crescent national societies around the world to facilitate the localization and customization of app content. Click here to learn more about the Universal App Program.

The GDPC provides free First Aid and Hazard app to all National Societies that enroll in the program, These national societies drive the development and marketing of the apps, ensuring that the content is appropriate and relevant to each local context. Currently the universal app program can be downloaded in over 70 coutnry stores. If your National Society is interested in participating in the Universal App Program email us at ✉ gdpc@redcross.org.

App Development Process

Once a Red Cross/Red Crescent National Society is enrolled in the program the app development proocess has six stages from the expresion of interest until the post lauch. The video below explains the app developing cycle, or in other words the process of developing your app.

GDPC Universal App Program – Mobile Application Development Cycle

The six stages of the app development process are:

Stage 1: Pre-development 

  • Length of time depends on national society capacity. This may involved translating the app material.
  • National socity expresses interest to GDPC
  • National society/GDPC agree on timeline and communicate regularly throughout pre-development stage
  • GDPC furnishes national society with guidance materials
  • Kick-off with national society to discuss project scope, milestones and responsibilities

Tools National Societies will need:

Stage 2: Development Cycle (21 days)

  • GDPC fields commiunication from national society and works directly with vendor
  • GDPC facilitates review of app content with the Global First Aid Reference Center (GFARC)
  • National society reviews and localizes content (text, photo, links and videos)
  • Vendor creates an app prototype for the national society and GDPC to test and review

Tools National Societies will need:

Stage 3: Post development review (7 days average)

  • GDPC facilitates the national society localization of content
  • GDPC validates that app is ready for submission to app store
  • GDPC coordinates with vendor on bug fixes and other technical issues

Stage 4: Submission and Pre-Launch

  • Vendor submits app to Apple (iOS/iTunes) and Google Play (Android) stores and creates web pages to link to the apps
  • National society begins work on launch and promotion plans
  • GDPC provides the national society with technical input and advice on marketing strategies

Stage 5: App launch

  • Timeline depends on plans of the national society
  • National society advertizes app to their public
  • GDPC meets with vendor to confirm app operability and stability
  • GDPC begins moitoring download rate of app by public

Stage 6: Post launch

  • National society conducts ongoing app promotion once it is live in app stores
  • National society sends push notifications, updates content
  • National society incorporates the app into its broader mission and training
  • GDPC serves as technical advisor for the national society – communicates issues, bugs and changes to the vendor

Tools National Societies will need: