Universal App Program – Marketing Toolkit

Background on the Universal App Program

The Red Cross Red Crescent First Aid and Hazard apps enable anyone with a phone to help in times of emergencies. Once the app goes live in your country’s store, it is the responsibility of each National Society to market it. There are numerous ways to promote your app. This guide will help your National Society to determine what strategy is best for you, and how to do it based on your team’s capabilities, budget, and target audience.

Purpose of this Guide

 This purpose of this marketing guide is to help you to promote the First Aid and Hazard apps in your country, empowering millions to save lives with preparedness for first aid and   natural hazard emergencies.
 This training guide aims to support your national society by providing information and resources that can be utilized to market and promote the First Aid and Hazard apps.
 The success of marketing the apps depends on how much you work together as a team and implement the provided resources.
 It is meant to provide ideas, tools and downloadable templates for you to implement in your own countries.

Click on the links below to download the toolkit and the design templates:

Mobile Application Marketing Toolkit: Best Practices & Guidelines (English)

Boîte à Outil Pour le Marketing des Applications Mobiles (French)

App Promotion Design Templates (17 MB)