New Nature Navigator handbook helps reduce risk with nature

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Nature-based solutions (NbS) can be very effective in reducing disaster risk.

They also provide numerous other benefits, such as food and water security, and are ideally suited to raise the resilience of vulnerable communities.

What exactly are NbS?

How can we identify effective solutions?

How are they implemented?

The Nature Navigator is a new handbook for disaster risk practitioners. It answers these questions (and many more), offers starter and advanced options, and comes with a rich toolkit.

Send us your feedback! 

This draft public version of the Nature Navigator has been carefully designed to assist you in working with nature. Before creating a final version in 2023, we would love to hear your ideas and suggestions on how the Nature Navigator can be further improved. Once you have read and/or used the Nature Navigator, click here to get started, and your name will feature on this page in the final version (if you like).

What you'll learn

Restore ecosystems. Reduce disaster risk. Raise resilience.

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