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Every National Society is unique and has its own experience with data & digital.

National Societies are offered various ways in which to start their Digital Transformation Journey.
Three individuals wearing red Red Cross volunteer/staff shirts and face masks, gathered around a smartphone, seemingly coordinating efforts or accessing information in front of a mural related to humanitarian aid and assistance provided by the Ecuadorian Red Cross.
NS are supported through an organising model focused on harnessing the power and strengths of the RCRC movement.

National Societies are offered various ways in which to start their Digital Transformation Journey.

Digital Transformation Organising model

The Data & digital Transformation Strategy 

Our Digital Transformation is a journey rather than a specific destination....

Under Strategy 2030, the IFRC and its member National Societies need to design digital transformation strategies and roadmaps. Doing so requires identifying and understanding the current and potential future challenges as well as the current strengths and opportunities.

Our transformative action focuses on embracing and integrating the necessary culture and technology to support a wholescale, equitable digital transformation. This will include building data and digital literacy and forming purposeful partnerships with a wide range of actors.

This Digital Transformation Strategy intends to develop and implement a standard for the digital delivery of humanitarian assistance in line with our fundamental principles and by NS. The focus is on strengthening the delivery of humanitarian services. The Digital Transformation Strategy therefore prioritises investments to improve relevance, speed, quality,  accessibility and resilience of humanitarian services to people in need. Second, the aim is to increase the sustainability of our humanitarian mandate and with it, performance, technical, social, and resource accountabilities.

Our Digital Transformation is a journey for a digital world rather than a specific destination.

The Digital Transformation Strategy was formally adopted by the Governing Board on 19 May 2021. Meanwhile, implementation planning and piloting are already underway and supported through a dedicated effort from both NS and IFRC.

The Digital Transformation Strategy can be found below in the official languages of the RCRC movement.

The movement has set key objectives for National Society Development to ensure we can continue to serve the most vulnerable. The Digital Transformation targets for 2025:


National Societies

At least 100 National Societies develop domestic advocacy and/or public communications strategies aligning, at least in part, with global IFRC advocacy and/or public communications strategies.


National Societies

At least 100 National Societies develop digital transformation strategies, in line with the 33rd International Conference – IC digital pledge and data protection commitments in the 33rd IC Resolution on Restoring Family Links.


National Societies

At least 50 National Societies prioritize innovation in their plans and budgets.

Data & Digital News:

So much is happening in the RCRC movement around Data & Digital! Please find the latest stories below from NS doing amazing things with Data & Digital through Humanitarian Services.

The International Federation of the Red Cross and Red Crescent (IFRC) hosted the first-ever Data & Digital week from the 19th until the 23rd of April 2021. Around 4,000 staff and volunteers from the Red Cross Red Crescent network gathered online to share, learn, and discuss data and digital innovations, initiatives, and ideas.

Shaping a Digital Strategy with Partners. How can we collaborate with partners on our digital transformation journey? IFRC and the Solferino Academy have had great success working with partners throughout. Over the past 2 years, IFRC and DNV GL have been on a journey to collaborate on digital activities. We spent time learning about each other’s work and considering how and what to collaborate.


2020, a year that was met with great challenges introduced by the COVID-19 pandemic that led to priority shifting of many National Societies (NS). The Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies are still providing on the ground support to their communities while taking into account certain regulations set at a national level. Unfortunately, the rise of COVID-19 cases and the strict social distancing rules deemed it challenging for some National Societies to acquire and give proper training to their staff and volunteers.

Digital Transformation as part of the 2030 strategy 

Digital Transformation is part and parcel of the IFRCs Strategy 2030 - and identified as one of seven (7) Transformations for the Movement. Strategy 2030 describes in more detail the ambitions and vision the IFRC and its members hold for the future.

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