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Recommended e-learning courses support the guidelines and tools offered by the DMERL Framework. These courses will help you build your competency in the DMERL project management cycle, including: Design, Planning, Monitoring, Evaluation, Knowledge Management & Learning, and its cross-cutting themes of Protection, Gender and Inclusion, Community Engagement & Accountability, and Data Literacy.

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E-learning Platforms & Course Lists

Date: May 2006    Event: Earthquake    Location: Yogyakarta, Indonesia    Photographer: Bonnie Gillespie    Release info: no release needed

CAPTION: “Children are especially affected by these types of changes,” said Amin Khoja with American Red Cross Psychosocial Support Field Officer, speaking of the destruction inflicted on areas of Indonesia by a 6.3-magnitude earthquake that destroyed. Khoja heard from parents that children began crying when they saw their school building collapsed. “The village leader offered us space in his front yard, so we set up tarps to have shade and brought out school supplies and games just for the kids. As you can imagine, word spread pretty quickly and children from all over the community literally came running.”

Different platforms are accessible to different groups of learners. This site provides recommendations for courses on www.disasterready.org which is a platform available to anyone with a free account, the IFRC Learning platform accessible to registered Red Cross/Red Crescent employees and volunteers and EDGE, the American Red Cross learning platform available to its employees and volunteers.

Some courses are available on multiple platforms, and therefore available to learners through multiple pathways. When courses are available on multiple platforms, American Red Cross employees and volunteers are encouraged to take the course on EDGE so that they can receive credit for completion in the internal learner tracking system. 

The recommended course lists are not exhaustive.  The IFRC Learning Platform and www.disasterready.org are regularly updating their platforms and may offer relevant coursework not listed here.

Disaster Ready

IFRC Learning Platform


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