Community factsheet

What is it?

Community factsheet gives an overview of the capacities and resources available in a community at the start of the assessment process, providing basic background information and context. It is important to combine generic information on the community with data reflecting the resilience characteristics as a basis to establish an effective baseline picture. Much of the requested information may be readily available from secondary sources, some may have to be obtained through the EVCA process itself especially through key informant interviews. Collect disaggregating data by gender where possible.

Basic information to collect



Health and morbidity.

The local economy (principal occupations, levels of income, economic activities, industry, etc.).

Basic services and their coverage (electricity, water, sanitation, health).

School attendance and literacy levels.

Basic infrastructure.

Land tenure.

Hazards and recent disasters.

Political structures and affiliations.

Intra-community and inter-community organisation.

Social trends.

Patterns and causes of conflict, violence and crime

See what else to include in a community factsheet

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