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Working with local partners – and nature – for flood resilience

Zurich Flood Alliance Jonathan Ulrich 27 Jan 2023

Building on the successful cooperation between the Red Cross of Montenegro and the municipality of Golubovci on the repair and construction of a flood protection wall in Ponari community, the two decided to team up again for a more ambitious green and grey infrastructure project in Kurilo and Bistrice. Written …

Working with local partners – and nature – for flood resilience Read More »

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Successful Completion of Small Grants II: Youth Trailblaze Urban Climate Action in Asia Pacific

Avatar photo Lucy Price 02 Dec 2022
Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic in October 2021 the Asia Pacific Urban Community Resilience Hub launched the 2nd Urban Community Resilience Small Grants,...

Leaders and Data Driven Decision Making: Why it Matters

Avatar photo Brighton Musevenzo 12 Sep 2022
The importance of data in informing sound decision making for management and key stakeholders cannot be over emphasized especially in this period and ...

The IFRC Alert Hub Initiative Spurs Innovation for Effective Emergency Alerting

Avatar photo Celine Erickson 29 Apr 2022
An amazing surge of innovations in emergency alerting is happening now to ensure accurate and actionable emergency alerts reach communities around the...

Nepal’s Municipal Disaster Risk Governance Assessment Tool: a case study on strengthening disaster risk management

Zurich Flood Alliance Jonathan Ulrich 27 Jan 2022
Nepal Red Cross Society volunteers and local people strengthen a breached embankment to prevent floodwater from entering their settlement. Photo by Ne...

Climate change and community flood resilience in Tabasco, Mexico

Zurich Flood Alliance Jonathan Ulrich 13 Dec 2021
For the past two years, the Mexican Red Cross and the Red Cross Red Crescent Climate Centre have collaborated closely at the intersection of climate c...

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Anticipatory action to manage climate risks: Lessons from the Red Cross Red Crescent in Southern Africa, Bangladesh, and beyond

Vladislav Kovalevski 11 Jan 2023
Anticipatory action (AA) is a growing area of climate and disaster risk management that emphasizes the use of climate services and risk analyses to predict where crises might strike and enable action to prevent or mitigate impacts before disasters occur. Based on interviews with stakeholders involve... Read More

Heatwaves-Driven Human Morbidity and Mortality over Selected Counties in Kenya

Avatar photo Aynur Kadihasanoglu 09 Jan 2023
This research is carried out by Bethwel Mutai 1 with funding support from the Global Disaster Preparedness Center. Although heat-related disasters have risen worldwide, lack of reliable and consistent climate datasets and standard detection metrics in Africa can easily downplay not only the existenc... Read More
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IFRC Tech-Bio Hazards Roadmap – Workplan – Background

Nuclear Emergency 05 Jan 2023
IFRC Tech-Bio Hazards Roadmap – Workplan – Background Read More
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Warnings in Violence and Conflict: Coproducing warnings with and for those most at risk

Vladislav Kovalevski 05 Jan 2023
People living in places affected by violence disproportionately experience and are impacted by natural hazard-related disasters, yet they are often left without adequate early warning and response systems. Warnings are known to be best developed and implemented through people-centered approaches lik... Read More

Towards Liveable Cities: Extreme Heat Distribution in South African Cities

Avatar photo Aynur Kadihasanoglu 23 Dec 2022
This research is carried out by Timothy Chambers1  with funding support from the Global Disaster Preparedness Center. Extreme temperatures have severe impacts on human health. In a climate that is projected to significantly warm in future, these impacts become exacerbated. Southern Africa in partic... Read More

Knowledge, Attitudes, Practice & Risk Perceptions Regarding Heatwave Among Outdoor Workers in Nepal

Avatar photo Aynur Kadihasanoglu 23 Dec 2022
This research is carried out by Anjali Joshi1, Sabina Marasini1, Sudim Sharma2, Lava Timsina3, Biraj Man Karmacharya1  with funding support from the Global Disaster Preparedness Center. The annual rise in global temperature has led to the evident impacts on lives of the most vulnerable population e... Read More
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Morten Tønnessen-Krokan 07 Dec 2022
The underlying question in this briefing note is: How does climate change translate to communities heavily affected by organized armed violence? Is it possible to find correlations between climate change and organized criminal gangs’ ability to exert control? And if so, does this have implications... Read More
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Warning Briefing Note Series

Avatar photo Karin Metz 13 Oct 2022
UCL Warning Research Center, supported by the Global Disaster Preparedness Center/IFRC and in collaboration with the Anticipation Hub, launches the ‘Warning Briefing Note Series’ that addresses key aspects of warnings, covering state-of-the-art, key issues, examples, resources and recommendation... Read More

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