Asia Pacific Urban Community Resilience Hub

The regional Urban Community Resilience Hub (UCRH) intends to coordinate and connect urban work across the Asia Pacific (AP) region, enhancing knowledge sharing and peer-to-peer exchange within and beyond RCRC networks and platforms, and operationalize the existing urban learning with a strong orientation toward partnerships and innovation for current and future initiatives.

This Hub provides a space where urban actors can access:

  • Resources

    Share knowledge and experience in urban programming. The resource section provides a variety of reports, toolkits, guidelines, and case studies permanently growing.

  • Community Groups

    Connect with other urban practitioners. Through the community groups, you can connect to discuss challenges and opportunities in specific areas of urban work.

  • Funding Opportunities

    Find opportunities for funding. The section 'funding opportunities' is frequently updated with new options to fund urban resilience-focused projects.

  • Calendar

    Keep up to date with the urban agenda. In the calendar section, you can find the main upcoming events, training, and webinars in urban community resilience.


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    1st Call for Proposals - Small Grant Initiatives for Urban Community Resilience

    We are pleased to announce that the 1st Call for Proposals for Small Grants Initiatives for Urban Community Resilience has been launched!!!

    The Urban Hub will be supporting the implementation of small-grant initiatives for urban community resilience in the Asia Pacific region to provide an opportunity for National Societies to operationalize learning in urban community resilience, document it and share it at the regional and global levels with the support of the Urban Hub.  

    For more details for the application please refer to the Concept Note with Application Format in the link below.

    Terms of Reference 1st Urban Hub Call for Proposals Small Grants

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    Building resilience in Coastal Urban communities

    Urbanization is bringing many new challenges and opportunities, for example, natural hazards pose major risks to critical infrastructure and large population; with the demand of energy in these cities, greenhouse gas emissions are increasing; there are more frequent and intense extreme weather events and continuing sea level rise. With a blending of these issues, communities in urban areas are  increasingly vulnerable to natural hazards and disasters.

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    Explore the Urban Community Resilience Toolkits

    The urban community resilience tool box includes three connected and complementary toolkits to help urban communities identify their resilience priorities and design sustainable and scalable solutions together with a diverse set of partners: City-wide Resilience Assessment, Building Coalitions for Urban Resilience, and Designing Solutions for Urban Community Resilience. These toolkits are developed and tested with the Red Cross National Societies of Indonesia, Vanuatu, and Myanmar with funding support from the USAID under the Coastal Cities Resilience program.