Aynur Kadihasanoglu

Aynur has been leading the Urban Collaboration Platform (UCP) of the Federation of Red Cross Red Crescent (IFRC) and the Global Disaster Preparedness Centre (GDPC) since 2014. Her current job as the Senior Advisor for Urban Disaster Risk Management at the IFRC and GDPC entails providing thought leadership, innovation and strategic direction to ensure high quality, relevant and coherent practice in assessing, analyzing the root causes and devising solutions including mapping and scenario planning to address risk and vulnerabilities, particularly in urban settings. Throughout her career, she has held positions that are truly at the crossroads of many converging, conflicting ideas and practices and had the potential to make a change. Her educational background in urban planning, combined with earlier work in the development arena and later in humanitarian fields provides her a unique advantage to analyze and converge the results for risk and vulnerabilities both in the big picture (city/national levels) and at the individual/household levels
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Capacity Building for Disaster Risk Management, Climate Change Adaptation, Urban Infrastructure, Urban Planning, Urban Preparedness, Urban Risk Reduction