The GDPC has a core team of dedicated staff based around the world, including Washington D.C. and Geneva. Meet our team members below.

Omar has over fifteen years of experience working in non-profit, disaster and technical fields related to client service delivery and the interaction with government and voluntary agency partners. Omar has specialization in areas of cash programming, and mass care including emergency feeding, relief distribution and shelter in both domestic and international contexts. He leads the Global Disaster Preparedness team and Preparedness Services at American Red Cross International Services Department.
Manager, Innovation and Partnerships
Senior manager with wide-ranging experience developing and managing innovative partnerships within the humanitarian and development sectors. Exploring the application of digital identity and blockchain technology for humanitarian assistance.
Manager, Tools & Resources
Jeff manages a team of technical subject matter experts in Disaster Preparedness, supporting both the American Red Cross priority countries portfolio and the IFRC/RCRC Movement. The technical team covers Community and Institutional Preparedness, as well as National Society Development and Urban disaster risk management. Jeff and his team also coordinate closely with American Red Cross regional advisors in Bangkok and Panama, and work as part of the GDPC, and NSD and DRR working groups in Geneva.
Sr. Technical Advisor, Urban Preparedness
Aynur has worked in the humanitarian and development field with diverse partners including, IFRC, UN organizations, World Bank, and local and national governments for more than twenty years. Besides having a sound understanding of current issues and challenges in the disaster risk reduction, preparedness and response fields she holds BS and MS degrees in city and regional planning. She has completed numerous analytical and strategic direction studies, independent evaluations and helped building institutional capacity in many countries in disaster management.
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Jose Bonilla

Sr. Technical Advisor, Institutional Preparedness
José started with the Red Cross in 1986 in the Youth program of the Costa Rica Red Cross. He then held different positions within the disaster management department, where he gained increasing experience in emergency response at regional and international level, before deploying as a Red Cross Regional Intervention Team member throughout the region. In his twenty years of experience in the Movement, José has worked as National Director for Disaster Preparedness and Prevention for the Costa Rica Red Cross, as founder and Coordinator of the renowned Reference Centre for Community Education for Disasters for the Americas (based in Costa Rica, 2003-2010) and as a technical adviser for the creation of the Haitian Red Cross Training Centre (based in Haiti, 2010-2013). He joined the American Red Cross in March 2013 as Disaster Risk Reduction Delegate for the LAC Region. In June 2017, José moved to the American Red Cross’ Preparedness Unit as Institutional Preparedness Advisor for their international programs around the world.
Technical Advisor, Preparedness ICTs
Jessica has worked with the American Red Cross since 2001. In her role with GDPC she manages the Center’s digital tools, including the Universal App Program, the WhatNow Service, and Atlas: Ready for Business preparedness app, and PrepareCenter. She holds an MS in History & Sociology of Technology & Science from Georgia Tech and a Ph.D. in international development from Tulane University.
Senior Research Scientist
Robin is a humanitarian practitioner and ethnographic researcher who explores the human and contextual factors of disaster and humanitarian response systems that lead to effective response. She received a Ph.D. from the Department of Human Centered Design & Engineering at the University of Washington for her work on ethics and technology within humanitarian systems.
Technical Advisor, Climate Change
Providing technical support on climate risk management to the American Red Cross' international programs.
GDPC Programs Advisor
Bonnie supports tool and service development around community preparedness, with a focus on public awareness/public education and school safety. Bonnie holds a Master's Degree in Disaster Resilience Leadership from Tulane University and conducted research on social inclusion in the disaster management cycle.
Regional Technical Advisor, AMEE
Pone has more than 9 years of experience with Red Cross and MSF in Community-and school-based disaster risk reduction, early warning system, management, capacity building and M&E. She holds a Master degree in Science, specializing in Disaster Preparedness, Mitigation and Management from Asian Institute of Technology, Thailand and a BS in Nursing.
Regional Technical Advisor, AMEE
Colin is passionate about Disaster Risk Reduction work, which has helped him engaged with Red Cross Red Crescent National Societies, Civil Society Organizations and governments across the Asia Pacific Region in the last 15 years. Key areas of interest include policy engagement and analysis on resilience, urban resilience and disaster induced displacement.
Regional Technical Advisor, LAC
Carlos has been involved in disaster response at the international level. He carried his activities in the American Red Cross starting in the administrative and Finance areas, also in the area of Emergency and Disaster Response, Disaster Prevention and Preparedness, Cash voucher assistance, recovery, community work and is a facilitator of various topics, then He has held the positions as Country Representative, Operational Technical Coordinator for South America, and Operational Technical Coordinator for LAC Delegation. Currently, he carries out his activities as LAC CVA/ Preparedness / Recovery Coordinator.
Knowledge Management Consultant
Nesrine provides support to GDPC for knowledge management, research and learning needs both at NHQ and in the field. Nesrine has four years of experience within for-profit and nonprofit organizations and holds a BA in French Language, Literature, and Civilization from the Faculty of Humanities of Tunis, Tunisia. She is passionate about knowledge, open governance, transparency, and furthering democracy.

Volunteer Team

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