Miguel Aguirre

Quito , Ecuador
Miguel has worked in the humanitarian and educational sector with international organizations and private foundations over 12 years. He earned a master's degree in organizational government and culture through the Enterprise and Humanism Institute at the University of Navarra in Spain. Miguel also holds a bachelor's degree in communication, public relations and media at the Catholic University of Ecuador - PUCE. As a communication professional, he has worked in organizations like the International Federation of the Red Cross Red Crescent (Switzerland), the American Red Cross (United States), Telefonica Foundation (Ecuador). His passion is to implement communicational and educational projects to help vulnerable people around the world.
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Topics of interest :
Behavior Change and Disaster Preparedness, Business Preparedness, Capacity Building for Disaster Risk Management, COVID-19 (Coronavirus), Early Warning Systems, Flood, Immersive Technologies & Digital Games, Resilience and Disaster Risk Management, Urban Planning, Urban Risk Reduction

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