Seasonal calendar

What is it?

A seasonal calendar helps to explore the seasonality of events in a community over a one-year period. It can be used to show typical hazard patterns including when hurricanes, floods, droughts or diseases normally occur, when social and economic conditions including ‘lean periods’ and seasonal labour migration take place, and public events such as holidays and festivals, occur, and identify how the correlation between the different events might increase risks.

Use it to…

Find out what activities take place in different seasons.

Identify people’s workload at different times of the year and the division of work between men and women in the community.

Compare variations in availability of resources through the year, such as food, water and income. Examine how seasonality of events is changing over time.

Identify the correlation between different events and reflect in the analysis how it might directly impact on risks

Recognize the best time for the community to implement a project.

Learn how to do seasonal calendars

A step-by-step guide to using Seasonal Calendar in EVCA

Want to go more in depth?

Explore how to include new aspects into the Seasonal Calendar

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