Semi-structured Interview

What is it?

A form of guided interview in which only a few questions are decided upon ahead of time. This interviewing technique can be used both to give information (such as raising awareness about tuberculosis) and to receive information (such as finding out what people know about tuberculosis).

Use it to…

Gain a deeper understanding of the issue, values and attitudes based on the information shared by the respondent.

Collect supplementary information for other tools, for example the historical profile can be elaborated with data collected through interviews.

Allow for more flexibility in the questions asked than with a standard questionnaire. It is less one-sided, as interviewees are able to ask questions of the interviewer as well.

Discuss sensitive issues when people are interviewed by themselves, particularly if the interviewer is not from the community. This tool also allows direct contact with potential beneficiaries.

Learn how to do interviews

A step-by-step guide to using a semi-structured interview in EVCA

Want to go more in depth?

Explore how to include additional questions into semi-structured interviews

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