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Youth Preparedness Programs at American Red Cross


The American Red Cross’s Youth preparedness education focuses on providing age-appropriate emergency and disaster preparedness information to youth in an engaging way.

With the increase in the occurrence and severity of hazards across the world, now more than ever, providing life-saving information to the younger generation is crucial. Often labeled as vulnerable, the youth of the world consistently prove their resilience and dedication to leaving a positive impact on the world and proper emergency and disaster preparedness education must be provided to them to ensure they and their communities can help stay safe.

Our youth preparedness education provides information on the science behind hazards, general preparedness information, and coping skills.

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Through our youth preparedness education programs we’ve reached over 2 million students since implementation in 2015. We have 15 verified lives saved through our education and thousands of others who have been positively impacted through our programming.

January 10, 2020. Refugio Ramón Baldorioty de Castro, Ponce, Puerto Rico. Sisters Reina Liz standing on the left, and Joslianys, standing on the right, told us how they participated in the Prepare with Pedro workshop and received a Mickey Mouse doll. Photo by Isaac León/American Red Cross

Prepare with Pedro is a youth preparedness education program designed for students ages 4-8 years-old that follow Pedro the Penguin as he learns how to be prepared for and take action during emergencies, such as earthquakes, wildfires, tornadoes, hurricanes and more. Students learn about the science behind the hazard, protective actions, coping skills and how they can help everyone in their household stay safe. Traditionally provided in a classroom setting as an 30-45 min storybook presentation, the program has also expanded into animated videos and voice activated skills.

Desert to Sea1

The Pillowcase Project is a youth preparedness education program designed for students ages 8-12 years-old that teaches about personal and household safety, local hazards and the science behind them and coping skills. Taught through the “Learn, Practice, Share” framework, students are taught protective actions in an engaging and age-appropriate way. This program is taught through a 40-60 minute presentation and students are provided with a pillowcase and a workbook (if available) to take home to ensure that their entire household has the knowledge to help stay safe during an emergency.

Award Winning Programs

Not only do our programs save lives, but they are also award-winning!  

Red Cross for Kids: Animated Videos

March 2023

Silver Winner: Humanitarian Action & Services Special Projects, Awareness and Media Categories (Nonprofit) 

Prepare with Pedro: Coping Skills

May 2022

Gold Winner: General Non-Broadcast  

Pedro's Fire Challenge

February 2022

Silver Winner: Responsible Technology, Product, Product, Innovation, or Service Categories (Not-For-Profit) 

Prepare with Pedro: Pedro Goes to a Shelter

May 2021 

Silver Winner: General Non-Broadcast  

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