The Pillowcase Project

Available in 40- and 60-minute formats

Perfect for schools, after-school programs, Girl and Boy Scout troop meetings, and more

Presentations are customized to focus on a hazard that is important and relevant to the local community


About The Pillowcase Project

The Pillowcase Project is a preparedness education program for grades 3-5 that teaches students about personal and family preparedness and safety skills, local hazards, and basic coping skills.

American Red Cross volunteers lead students through a “Learn, Practice, Share” framework to engage them in disaster preparedness and survival skills. Upon completion, students receive a sturdy pillowcase to build their personal emergency supplies kit.

Digital Resources

Enjoy our library of fun and engaging animated videos that help children learn how to help stay safe during a variety of emergencies and cope with any thoughts or feelings that might come up along the way.

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Educator Letter

This flyer describes the outcomes and purpose of the Pillowcase Project program.

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Coloring Sheet

This is a printable coloring sheet of the design found on the pillowcase provided during The Pillowcase Project presentation.


My Preparedness Workbook

This digital copy of the workbook accompanies the Pillowcase Project program.


Be Prepared Poster

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Coping Skills Poster


US Hazard Map Poster


Supplemental Lesson Plans

These four lesson plans are supplemental lessons for educators to teach that meet science education standards.

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Educational Standards Report

This document explains the common core education standards accomplished through the program.


Emergency Contact Card

This printable card guides students and families to create a portable record of their important contact numbers.


Additional Hazard Practice Activities

Additional emergency preparedness training challenges for grades 3-5. Learn how to prepare for emergencies with fun activities.

Online Hazard Practice Activities

Are you ready for the emergency preparedness training challenge? Learn how to prepare for emergencies with these fun activities.

Reviews & Case Studies

Comparative Review of The Pillowcase Project

This report presents key insights and findings from a Comparative Review of The Pillowcase Project.

The study was led by Sustainability Frontiers and funded by the Global Disaster Preparedness Center (GDPC).

Community Impact Study of International Youth Preparedness Program

This Impact Study examines two applications – in Mexico and Australia – to identify how successful the program has been in enhancing children’s preparedness and in fostering communication between students and their households, teachers and peers.

Nepal Red Cross Case Study on School Disaster Preparedness

Nepal Red Cross Society (NRCS) and its partners worked with schools in three of Nepal’s most hazard-prone districts. Two students illustrate how the program made a difference in their lives – and their communities.

The Pillowcase Project International Pilot: Peru Video Case Study

The ‘Pillowcase Project International Pilot: Peru Video Case Study’ is a comprehensive study that documents the work involved in successfully implementing Mi Funda de Almohada in Peru. By combining simple technology to capture interviews and actual presentation footage with more advanced media, such as areal images, this case study tells a compelling story about the work done by the Peru Red Cross and provides primary evidence of its benefits for the recipients. The video was produced by Quimera, and funded by Disney.


The Pillowcase Project was implemented in various countries by

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