The GDPC's innovations grow out of our discovery work.

Over the last 10 years, the GDPC has initiated foundational discovery initiatives that have enabled us to create innovative products and services rooted in the needs of our partners and their constituents, as well as promote good practices.

Research and promoting good practices are our starting points

Through research and promotion of good practices, the GDPC seeks to complement Red Cross Red Crescent's long-term capacity and program development by developing, piloting, implementing and scaling specific network-wide services to bolster preparedness and to help safeguard communities from future disasters.

Photo credit: Sandra Durzo IFRC
Photo credit: Sandra Durzo IFRC

Urban spaces

In developing emerging preparedness strategies, the GDPC created the Urban Collaboration Forum in 2013. The tools and methodologies that have emerged from this initiative have the potential to be used broadly across the Red Cross Red Crescent network.

Photo credit: Zaini Issudddin
Photo credit: Zaini Issudddin

Accessible resources

The GDPC is unique in its ability to identify trends and to make sense of preparedness for a wide audience. Its knowledge hub provides preparedness resources both to the public and to Red Cross Red Crescent staff.

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Going forward, the GDPC has the opportunity to build on the wealth of Red Cross Red Crescent data, providing strategic insights on preparedness to its partners throughout the Red Cross Red Crescent network and beyond. The GDPC will also be able to support partners in operationalizing and making research actionable.

The GDPC will continue to provide a trusted channel for effective sharing of disaster preparedness experience, tools and evidence. Further, it will enable essential research to address gaps in disaster preparedness knowledge, and will test strategies/tools to help people overcome common obstacles to disaster preparedness and resilience. One way to do this is to use AI for knowledge management, using to connect with and  creatively inspire others.

I would like to see people going to to connect with others and to spark new ideas, rather than thinking of the site as a repository.

– Aynur Kadihasanoglu, Sr. Advisor for Urban Climate Resilience, GDPC

The GDPC offers the fastest route to the fourth industrial revolution: the latest innovations, interactive platforms in several languages, and more.

– Reference Center Staff

The GDPC was conceived as a start-up within the Red Cross Red Crescent network. It is an innovation incubator with a networked structure, encouraging co-design.

– Omar Abou Samra, GDPC Director

The GDPC offers a single entry to access data [and collaborates with partners] to make sense of the complexity of the Red Cross Red Crescent network.

– Academic partner

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