GDPC builds capacity by co-designing and piloting new preparedness tools.

Following the discovery phase, the building begins, and never really ends. The GDPC's approach of looking for existing initiatives, working with partners to expand their usefulness, and scaling them up to address emerging issues has positioned the GDPC as an innovative thought leader within the Red Cross Red Crescent network, and beyond.

Piloting is an important part of the build phase, encompassing R&D, expanding tech partnerships and scaling

The GDPC continuously pilots and prototypes innovative technology solutions for preparedness and helps National Societies of the Red Cross Red Crescent and other preparedness organizations to take them to scale.


First Aid App

The First Aid App work grew out of a successful British Red Cross program that was later adapted by the American Red Cross. As an authoritative and trusted partner, the GDPC made the First Aid app relevant to a diverse user base worldwide.


Pillowcase Project

The Pillowcase Project, a school-based disaster preparedness program first created by the American Red Cross, has taught life-saving preparedness information to more than 16,000 students through more than 130 classroom presentations.

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Going forward, the GDPC will continue to develop its role of piloting new innovations via a research approach. This will involve looking at gaps in preparedness globally, determining what's working well, and bringing those initiatives to scale, in addition to inventing new products and services.

Additionally, the GDPC will continue to expand and nurture tech partnerships across the Red Cross Red Crescent network, with other humanitarian organizations, academic institutions and private partners.


At the GDPC, we try to find products and services being developed that have promise. We support the creators in scaling their relevance and then distribute them within the Red Cross Red Crescent network.

– Nathan Cooper, Senior Officer, Innovation and Disaster Preparedness, GDPC

The Red Cross Red Crescent network, with its 192 National Societies, itself is the first step in scaling innovations. It is a widespread, diverse and active network. The GDPC makes people aware of what's possible within the existing network. First Aid programming​ links all the Red Cross Red Crescent societies in the world–it is what's common among all of them. The First Aid app helps the GDPC make National Societies aware that there are resources that they can use to enhance their own operations.

– Karin Metz, Project Management Consultant, IFRC Alert Hub

The Red Cross First Aid app is a ground-breaking initiative in terms of its impact serving people with technology.

– Rebecca Scheurer, Director, Humanitarian Initiative, Adrienne Arsht – Rockefeller Foundation Resilience Center, Former GDPC Director

– Aynur Kadihasanoglu, Senior Advisor for Urban Climate Resilience, GDPC

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