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IFRC Recovery programming guidance

This guidance is for those who wish to learn about recovery as it is currently understood within the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC). The guidance can be used when planning: i. early recovery alongside the initial relief response ii. recovery programming at the point when communities begin to get back …

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Heat Wave Safety Checklist

Heat Wave Safety Checklist that inlcudes: how to prepare, what to do during a heatwave, and how to recognize and care for heat-related emergencies.  American National Red Cross

Wild Fire Safety Checklist

Wild Fire Safety Checklist that includes: how to prepare ahead of time, what to do if there is a wild fire in your area, and returning home after a wild fire.  American National Red Cross. 

Guide climatique de la Croix-Rouge

Ce guide débute par des notions fondamentales sur les changements climatiques: le consensus scientifique, les conséquences humanitaires et les implications générales pour la Croix-Rouge et le Croissant-Rouge. Il est suivi de six modules thématiques : démarrage, dialogues, communications, la gestion des catastrophes, la réduction de risques dans la communauté et la santé et prise en …

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How to make cities more resilient: a handbook for local government leaders

A handbook to provide “mayors, governors, councillors and other local government leaders with a generic framework for risk reduction and points to good practices and tools that are already being applied in different cities for that purpose.” How to make cities more resilient: a handbook for local government leaders http://www.unisdr.org/campaign/resilientcities/toolkit/handbook

Red Cross Red Crescent Climate Guide

The guide presents experience from more than 30 Red Cross Red Crescent national socieites in six thematic modules: Getting started, Dialogues, Communications, Disaster management, Community-based disaster risk reduction and Health. Online intro to the Climate Guide, English version of Climate Guide http://www.climatecentre.org/site/publications/85/red-cross-red-crescent-climate-guide, http://www.climatecentre.org/downloads/File/reports/RCRC_climateguide.pdf