Data Essentials – Data Playbook (Beta)

Data is part of everyone’s job at IFRC. This module is for anyone who wants to use data but isn’t sure where to start. It is also for anyone who wants to help others understand the essentials of using data in their work. The module aims to answer:  What are the data ‘essentials’ I need to know? This includes the questions:
  • What is data?
  • Why does data matter?
  • What is data literacy?

A suggested step by step process to achieve learning objectives.

  1. Start with What data is contained in a piece of fruit? [Exercise 1] exercise to get people thinking about data and context.
  2. Use What is Data? [SlideDeck 1] to build an understanding of what data is.
  3. Run the Data and Information Q & A [SlideDeck 2] to refine the difference between data and Information further.
  4. Ask participants to go through Basic Tips to Organising and Managing Data in Humanitarian Response [SlideDeck 3] in pairs, asking them to make notes about what they would like to learn more about.
  5. Finish with a large group discussion with participants talking about how they see data helping them in their work and what they want to learn more about.

Pick and choose ingredients to create your own recipe. Do you have an ingredient we’re missing? Send an email to


Short, discrete social learning experiences


Distilled information for use as standalone or parts of presentations.

Next Steps

Other relevant modules from the data playbook beta:

  • How do we build data-friendly culture? [Module 2]
  • How do we build data-driven projects? [Module 3]

Further readings & resources

Download the module description (PDF) or download all the resources contained in this module here.

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