Data for Leadership – Data Playbook (Beta)

Building a data culture is supporting ‘data readiness’ and improve ‘data literacy’ is a long-term culture shift to support organizational development. Data can be a reflection on the leadership of our organizations and work. We aim to be ‘evidence-based’. This means considering the complexities of decision-making, organizational data readiness, and digital transformation. How can we support the localization agenda with our data workflows? Data readiness for local communities provides an opportunity for local leadership to be supported.
  • How can we use data for decision-making?
  • What are some ways to localize data workflows?
  • How can leaders use data to negotiate and build advocacy? 


A suggested step by step process to achieve learning objectives.

  1. Part of building a data culture means involving leaders in a directed conversation on the State of Data. [Session 7].
  2. How can we encourage the use of data for decision-making? Set your path by Negotiating with Leaders. [Session Plan 5]. You can also use Outcomes [Handout 10] to further develop planning.
  3. The path to data-driven organizations should also consider What is evidence [Slidedeck 26] and how we might become more evidence-based?
  4. How can we support more local-driven humanitarian response in terms of data use?  Host a discussion on Localizing Data Workflows [Exercise 14].
  5. Build your own Localizing Data Workflow [Checklist 6] using our draft checklist. 


Pick and choose ingredients to create your own recipe. Do you have an ingredient we’re missing? Send an email to


Short, discrete social learning experiences

Sessions Plans

Longer social learning experiences

  • Negotiating with Decision-Makers. [SessionPlan 5] How is data supporting decision-making in humanitarian response? This session includes a ‘pitch to leader’s component with the goal to build a common language. 
  • Localizing Data Workflows. [SessionPlan 6] How is data supporting decision-making in humanitarian response? This session invites data leaders to consider how they might better incorporate local data into their work. 
  • State of Data. [SessionPlan 7] How is data supporting decision-making in humanitarian response? This session invites key decision-makers and their colleagues to dig into the State of Data in their organization.

For documentation of essential elements of the learning experience.


Distilled information for use as standalone or parts of presentations.


To be distributed to participants for use post-training

Next Steps 

Other relevant modules from the data playbook beta:

  • How do we build data-driven projects? [Module 3]
  • How do we build data-friendly culture? [Module 2]

Further reading resources:

Download the module description (PDF) or download all the resources contained in this module here
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