Data Visualizations – Data Playbook (Beta)

This module is for those that want to present data to others in compelling and convincing ways. It answers the question: How can I visualise data? Along with: 
  • What makes a good data visualization?  
  • How do I get started? 


A suggested step by step process to achieve learning objectives.

  1. Start with the Data Visualisation Gallery [Exercise 6] to get visuals in front of people and start building critical thinking skills.
  2. If people have little experience, Use the Data Viz Intro [SlideDeck 11].
  3. Run through Building a Data Visualisation [SlideDeck 12] to deepen understanding of visualisation elements and how to use them.
  4. Have participants do a Data Viz Drawing [Exercise 7] to give them some hands-on experience in creating a visualization.
  5. Finish by asking participants to help generate a list of helpful data visualization resources.


Pick and choose ingredients to create your own recipe. Do you have an ingredient we’re missing? Send an email to


Short, discrete social learning experiences


Distilled information for use as standalone or parts of presentations.


To be distributed to participants for use post-training

Next steps 

Other relevant modules from the data playbook beta:

  • What are the Data Essentials I need to know? [Module 1]

Further reading resources:

  • Map Action. Maps, data and tools used by GIS and information management officers during a humanitarian response. 

Download the module description (PDF) or download all the resources contained in this module here
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