How to – contribute and become a member

You can help update and improve the content of the site. A bit like Wikipedia, this a crowd-sourced site – but in this case the crowd is disaster preparedness practitioners of all types. You can add new text and topics, upload new resource materials, or rate and discuss material already uploaded on the site. If you see a gap or know of resources or examples that aren’t mentioned, please jump in and contribute.

Start a user profile and connect to other users

Visitors to the site can access any of the content on the site without logging in or creating a user profile. In order to add content, you will need to login. You can do this either by using an existing Facebook, Twitter, or American Red Cross account or by creating a new account on the GDPC site.

Once you are logged in, your user profile will allow you to indicate topics and countries you are interested in and connect with other users who have similar interests.

How to create an account at

Start contributing

You have several options. You can:

(All site users)

1. Add a new RESOURCE as link or attachment 

2. Add a new RESOURCE as a video

3. Add a STORY

4. Make a COMMENT

5. Make a SUGGESTION for the site

6. Share content through SOCIAL MEDIA

(Site editors – contact the GDPC at if you want this role)

7.Add a new TOPIC

8.Edit an existing TOPIC

9. Edit an existing RESOURCE or EXAMPLE

Add a new RESOURCE as a link or attachement 

How to add a resource (as a link or attachment) to

Add a new RESOURCE as a video

How to add a video as resource to



Make a SUGGESTION about the site

If you have questions about contributing to the site that you would like to ask off-line, please contact Ian O’Donnell at All interest welcome.

Share the content through SOCIAL MEDIA

How to share content through social media

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