Checklist: Thinking about the space you need

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This checklist is part of the Humanitarian Service Points Toolkit: What is a Humanitarian Service Point.

Do you need spaces that are physically private to offer first aid, medical consultations, or for people to change their clothes or those of their children? 

Do you have reliable electricity for people to charge mobile phones and other devices? Can you connect a generator, solar panels, or wind generation? 

Do you need confidential spaces, where people can speak about personal issues or disclose abuse? This will need to be sufficiently distant or soundproof so people cannot be overheard. Consider whether it needs a separate entrance/exit point in case a service-user is being controlled/coerced or is otherwise at risk.

Are you in an area with good mobile connection and Wi-Fi links? 

How many toilets are there? Are they safe and private? Are they separated by gender? How can transgendered people be made to feel welcome and safe? Are baby changing areas available and accessible to both women and men?  

Do you need washing facilities for clothing, towels or linen? 

Do you have appropriate facilities for menstrual hygiene management? (Products available and/or areas for washing and disposing.)

Do you need showers and bathing or changing areas? 

Do you need a kitchen? Will you make food or just provide drinks? Can you wash dishes? Can baby bottles be sterilised? 

What permits do you need or hygiene regulations or standards do you need to meet? How will you manage garbage and waste? 

Can the space be subdivided into different areas to allow different activities to take place? How many different spaces do you need, and how much physical space is required?

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