Partnership Checklist

The Partnership Checklist is a list of possible questions to ask prospective partners, it is part of the Humanitarian Service Points Toolkit.

To whom do they provide services, and which ones? Are there any from which irregular migrants are excluded?
Are there any fees attached to these services?
Do they share data with other actors, including authorities? If so, is this general data or individual? Do they request informed consent?
How are data stored and protected?
How are premises safeguarded and protected? Is access limited?
What safeguarding procedures are in place for staff and volunteers?
What are their policies about information provision and influencing migrants? Do they counsel migrants either to continue their journeys or return home?
What are their procedures/policies for mandatory reporting to the police in matters of SGBV, Child Abuse or trafficking in persons?
Do they have political or religious affiliations or objectives, and do they make this explicit to their service-users?
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