Tabassam Raza
Quezon City, Philippines
Synopsis: 1. Multidisciplinary academic background i.e., Environmental/Strategic Urban and Regional Planning (Ph.D. and MA in Urban and Regional Planning, University of the Philippines), Disaster Economics and Allied Knowledge Design (DBA, Philippine School of Business Administration), Application of Technical Knowledge in Analyzing and Mitigating Hazard Prone Areas (M.Sc. Applied Geology, University of the Punjab, Pakistan), Knowledge Support Procedure in Investigating Environmental Hazard Prone Areas (MS Geology, University of the Philippines), Applied Geology (B.Sc., University of the Punjab), Civil Engineering (BSCE, University of the Philippines), and Statistics & Economics (B.Sc., Part I, Government College University Lahore, Pakistan) 2. Advanced professional working experience over 18 years in the fields of Disaster Risk Management (DRM) and Climate Change Adaptation and Mitigation(CCAM) particularly focusing the following expertise: a. Environmental Urban Land Use and Development Planning (EULDP): analytical and conceptual approaches, strategies, policies and frameworks toward sustainable urban development, management, and governance; Mainstreaming DRR and CCA best practices in sub-national and national physical and development planning framework. Integrating DRR Programs, Project, and Activities (PPAs) in development PPAs, hence in Development Investment Program (DIP). b. Financing and Project Evaluation and Development: Alternative financial mechanisms for instance Micro-insurance, Index based-insurance, Catastrophic pools and bonds, Crop insurance and soft loans are among others. DRR entry points in Project Evaluation and Development (PED). Analysis of market situation, technical feasibility, financial and economic viability, risk and sensitivity tools. c. International and Local Advocacies, Legal mandates, Strategies, Policies, Action Plans and Frameworks: Advocating and localizing the UN-MDGs, and HFA-UNISDR, and other bilateral and multilateral environmental agreements. Philippines National Legal mandates i.e., National CC Act National DRRM Act, NDRR Plan, NDRR Framework, NCC Action Plan, National Land Use and Building Codes. Philippines local legal mandates i.e., Local Government Code, Local Land Use Zoning Ordinance, City Resolutions for DRR institutionalization; and Advocacy towards integrating Disaster and Climate Risk Management from communities to national, regional to global levels. d. ICT Based Knowledge Management: Global Knowledge Dissemination Modeling, Management Information Systems, Knowledge Products, GIS-based Hazard Characterization, Consequence Analysis, and Risk Assessment, City Risk Profiling “Riskpedia” (international community of practice on DRR) –Knowledge sharing and documenting megacities DRM practices. Online courses modules, DRR best practices technical assistance and sharing via City-to-City and social media networking. LAN, groupware and application of HTML for effective decision making. e. Education, Training and Capacity Building: Professional Training in Risk Sensitive Land Use and Development Planning, Brown Bag Lecture Series (lectures for staff learning and development). Advocating the inclusion of DRR and CCAM in primary, secondary, tertiary and higher educational levels. Developing face to face and online modules of wide range of subjects under MBA and DBA programs and course curriculum for the degree of Master in DRM. 3. Experienced working as Project Manager, Deputy Chief, Hydrography Adviser, Team Leader, DRM Consultant, DRM Technical Advisor, DRM Expert, Associate Technical Director, Associate Dean and Adviser for DRM and ICT Researches and Projects. In addition, worked for UNISDR, UNDP, GFDRR, WB, DKKV, FFO Germany, ProVention, JICA and EU-DIPECHO funded projects and proven to have Intellectual leadership and strategic skills.