Taiwo Ogunwumi

Lagos, Nigeria
Taiwo Ogunwumi is a Geospatial Analyst and Hydraulic modeling expert with experience in working on floods risks reduction projects in Africa and Europe funded by donors like World Bank, Dutch Embassy, and United Nations. His expertise entails hydrodynamics and hydrological project application, including simulating compound floods (pluvial, fluvial, coastal) and optimizing operational control of structures. He also has two years of teaching experience and can explain, visualize, and interpret complex model results to audiences with diverse backgrounds. He has a background in Geography and holds a master’s in environmental risk and human Security from the United Nations University, Bonn, Germany. He has published in several peer-reviewed journals on research addressing Flood Risk and Preparedness, Droughts and Climate Change Adaptation, and Environmental Migration in Africa and Europe. In the past years, he has worked as a GIS Expert and Trainer for Government, Educational Institution, and International Humanitarian Organisation, including Action Against Hunger (HQ France), the University of Bonn (Germany), United Nations International Organization for Migration (UN-IOM), United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO).
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Community Risk Assessment, Early Warning Systems, Flood, Risk Assessment, Urban Risk Reduction