Understanding community resilience and program factors that strengthen them: A comprehensive study of Red Cross Red Crescent Societies tsunami operation

Between October 2010 and September 2011, the IFRC commissioned an in-depth study of CBDRR programmes implemented as part of its tsunami operation. This study was carried out by ARUP International Development and sough to to answer key questions on CBDRR programming including: ‘what do communities perceive as the most important characteristics needed to be safe and resilient?’, ‘are there a set of characteristics that are common across all communities’, ‘despite being located in different countries and settings?’, ‘how do communities rank cahnges in cahracteristics’, and ‘how have Red Cross Red Crescent interventions contributed to these changes?’, and ‘how do these changes over time reflect shifts in community attitudes and behaviours towards risk?’

Understanding community resilience and program factors that strengthen them A comprehensive study of Red Cross Red Crescent

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