Topic: House Fire

Game – “House in the Islands” – Dangers

“House in the islands”: Dangers is a game made in collaboration with Global First Aid Reference Centre and French Federation for Domestic Risk  Poster to print in English and French.

Game – House of Dangers

This game has the objectives to make people aware of the dangers at home and introduce prevention measures in schools, public events, or at the beginning of first aid training. The game is developed by the Global First Aid Reference Centre. Materials: Pictograms to cut House map of dangers Explanation sheet in English, Spanish, French, …

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DRR song

This song is about what to do when the room fills up with smoke. we wanted to create a song that included an accurate and succinct message, delivered in an unforgettable melody produced to professional production standards. We are hoping to do the same with a video at some stage soon. Many thanks to James …

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SAFE STEPS: Emergency Kit

The key to surviving a natural disaster is preparation. Fail to prepare, prepare to fail. Gear up for anything mother nature can throw at you by ensuring you always have these items prepared! Thai, Vietnamese, Malaysia , Chinese –mandarin, Indonesian, Tagalog, Cantonese,,,,,,


A fire is both frightening and destructive. Fires are a danger to buildings and residents in equal measure. Keep your cool in the event of a fire by following these SAFE STEPS! Thai , Vietnamese, Malaysia , Chinese –mandarin, Indonesian, Tagalog, Cantonese,,,,,,

Shelter safety handbook. Some important information on how to build safer

This handbook presents some basic information on safe construction practices. Its purpose is to provide guidance on choices regarding settlement planning in risky environments, as well as on the building techniques to improve individual shelters. The contents may be used to develop trainings on participatory shelter risk reduction methods, such as PASSA. This guide is …

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House Fire

As more people live closer and closer together, particularly as a result of urbanization, risks associated with fire increase. House fires are predominantly accidental, usually in relation to the use of indoor lamps, stoves or heaters that use an open flame. However, careless use of cigarettes is another leading cause of fires, and fires may …

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