Case studies on Coalition Building



To enhance resilience efforts worldwide the IFRC has launched the One Billion Coalition for Resilience (1 BC) to engage and inspire one billion people to take active steps towards enhancing individual and community resilience by 2025. Coalitions at local, national, and global levels between actors from different sectors are essential to streamline access to resources, tools and solutions and by this increase the collective impact.

The GDPC has conducted a call for case studies to collect and showcase existing experiences and lessons learned from coaltions built to enhance community resilience. The interest was to consolidate information on setting-up, managing and sustaining coaltions and to learn how the impact of the coalition was monitored and evaluated. The collected case studies will support the further development of the 1 Billion Coalition for Resilience by enabling shared learning and providing access to the learnings from diverse examples. 

The GDPC supported two case studies to be developed both in text and video format to capture the experiences with buidling coalitions on the local level.

Case Study – the Ibasho Model 

Case Study – Coalition Building for Community Resilience, Garabito, Costa Rica 

For more information on the case studies or questions please reach out to Karin Metz (Karin.Metz2[at]



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