Case Study – Coalition Building for Community Resilience, Garabito, Costa Rica

In October 2012, the American Red Cross began a  program to support community resilience by helping communities identify their needs and establish links with other organizations to address the most urgent needs. After three years, many of the relationships and networks established with different community organizations show elements of formal coalitions to strengthen community resilience. 
In December 2015, at the 31st International Conference of the Red Cross, the One Coalition Billion for Resilience was adopted, which seeks to foster a coalition of coalitions. To help document this process, the Global Disaster Preparedness Center (GDPC) launched a call for case studies on coalitions. In support of this appeal, the American Red Cross wants to explain the components of coalitions, through the presentation of the experiences of its partners within the framework of the project RITA short instructional videos.
2. Objective:
The main objective of this consultancy is:
• Provide support team Quality Learning and the American Red Cross in the production of a video representing mechanisms building coalitions of organizations for community resilience. The aim is to produce an educational content that will enable National Societies recognize the elements of coalitions already carried out, often without realizing it.
or See Appendix 1 for an example of description of a coalition for Community Resilience (final document to define case)
3. Methodology:
Under the guidance of the Quality Unit and Learning, he / consultant (a) shall:
• Definition of the approach and materials required – prior to the field trip
• Video recording of meetings between players in a coalition
• Recording video and photos of actions through the joint efforts of coalition members
• Recording interviews and testimonials with those involved
• Develop a draft note for web
• Editing and post production of video material collected
• Musicalization
• Titling and subtitling (English version of the videos)
• Delivery of the final product
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