Comparative Review of Social Media Analysis Tools for Preparedness


In collaboration with other partners, the GDPC seeks to build out the current knowledge and awareness within the global Red Cross network on how the information exchange and communication on social media platforms can be better integrated into the work of the Red Cross. Beyond looking at the access to information and communication within networks, it is a key interest to better understand how the GDPC and other actors within the Red Cross Red Crescent can leverage information from social media channels to assess and display interests in preparedness topics and disaster related events on different timelines and identify trends in humanitarian work.  Ultimately, it is envisioned that such information will allow the RCRC network to have greater awareness of the diverse needs and interests on the ground and adapt programming and communication strategies to enable vulnerable communities to better prepare for and cope with disasters.


The GDPC currently uses social media analysis to follow conversations around established terms related to key topic areas like disaster preparedness. It is of interest to learn more about the functionality and capabilities of different social media analysis tools with the aim to conduct more robust information analysis that is able to draw in information from sources worldwide while reflecting different timelines and geographical differences. In addition, it is of interest to display the information in diverse ways, i.e. on different websites.  The GDPC is aware of different tools but is interested to benefit from a more comprehensive analysis of available commercial and open source tools.

The findings and results of the work on ‘Comparative Review of Social Media Analysis Tools’ will be Publish here soon. 

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