Improved Case Studies

Case studies are used by a variety of disciplines as a way to understand and explain complex and nuanced social, political, biological and environmental issues. Case studies serve as a learning tool by presenting the application of academic theories and research practices in real-life scenarios. Through the use of case studies, disaster preparedness practitioners around the world will be able to see the application of evidence-based practices that can be adapted and scaled-up in a variety of settings.

In collaboration with our partners, the GDPC seeks to enrich and advance the library of case studies showing good practices in disaster preparedness and disaster risk reduction that are available to practitioners worldwide. As a first step, the GDPC seeks to develop a guidance tool on how to best construct and capture case studies that define the challenges facing disaster preparedness practitioners and the solutions or approaches that are successful in overcoming those challenges. The guidance tool will highlight the use of video case studies to capture unique challenges and innovative approaches.


Target Audience

Disaster preparedness practitioners looking to share their stories and examples with others in the field.

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