Data Driven-Projects: Data Playbook (Beta)

Many projects at IFRC have a data component. The purpose of this module is to guide users to think about all the steps in a whole data project rather than their respective field or sector. This module aims to answer the question: How might we build and implement a ‘Data-Driven Project’?  It also addresses:
  • How can we map our data ecosystem and workflow? 
  • What are data and technology questions we should be asking? 


A suggested step by step process to achieve learning objectives.

  1. Use Put Data Project Items in Order [Exercise 2] to engage participants in the complexities of a data-driven project.
  2. What are the roles needed to support each step of the workflow? [Exercise 3] can help participants understand the ecosystem of roles needed to implement their data-driven project.
  3. The Data Simulation [SessionPlan 3] ‘simulates’ data workflows for various topics.
  4. Break people into pairs or groups of threes to fill out the Data and Technology Checklists [Checklist 1] for their data-driven projects.
  5. In a group discussion, ask participants to synthesise what they’ve learned by compiling a list of data-driven project best practices.


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Short, discrete social learning experiences

Sessions Plans

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Distilled information for use as standalone or parts of presentations.

For documentation of essential elements of the learning experience

Next Steps

Other relevant modules from the data playbook beta:

  • How can we protect and use data responsibly? [Module 4]
Download the module description (PDF) or download all the resources contained in this module here
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