Global status of multi-hazard early warning systems 2023

More lives are being protected from extreme weather and dangerous climate change impacts but there is a long way to go. Half of countries globally still do not have adequate multi-hazard early warning systems.

A new report from the United Nations Office for Disaster Risk Reduction (UNDRR) and the World Meteorological Organization (WMO) finds that Africa has doubled the quality of early warning systems coverage but still falls below the global average. Less than half of the Least Developed Countries and only 40% of small island developing States have a multi-hazard early warning system. In the Arab States, risk knowledge to underpin early warning systems was found to be particularly low.

The 2023 Global Status of Multi-Hazard Early Warning Systems report states that 101 countries have reported having an early warning system as of March 2023. This represents a doubling of coverage since 2015 and an increase of six countries from 2022. However, the report also states that half of countries globally still do not have adequate multihazard early warning systems.

A multi-hazard early warning system (MHEWS) is a set of capacities that can generate and share timely and meaningful warning information. This information can help individuals, communities, and organizations prepare to act appropriately and in sufficient time to reduce the possibility of harm or loss.

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