Handbook for a School-based Risk Reduction Initiative

This handbook presents basic content and tips for implementing a schoolbased risk reduction programme. What is offered here is a guide and revisions will be needed to suit a specific country context. The handbook for trainers is organized into five modules. These modules are based on good practices from around the world, though they build on the Comprehensive School Safety model for South-East Asia. The modules are intended for implementation by National Societies to initiate the school safety programme. The handbook was developed with the assumption that the unique relationship between a National Society and a government will be leveraged to work as implementing partners and to build on the tremendous progress being made in countries on school safety. The modules are flexible to accommodate existing tools and teaching aids that are used widely in a country. Trainers are expected to augment the handbook with activities they find appropriate and, if need be, to use locally available resources and materials for any activity

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