Pathways toward change: A model for growth Insights from the Mexican Red Cross’ Flood Resilience Program

This case study explores the model used by the Mexican Red Cross to set up their Alliance program for long-term operation, scalability, and impact. The details of the program’s growth and expansion are particular to the Mexican Red Cross’ experience, which are the result of in-depth collaboration with communities, socio-cultural dynamics, Red Cross working methods, and relationships with key actors and sectors. The model for growth presented provides a blueprint for a scalable and replicable model of community resilience programming that allows for continual growth and expansion over time. This can be implemented on a local level and expanded to scale, and can also be used by other humanitarian and development programs to build enduring and successful community resilience programs. Flexible funding and the long-term nature of the Alliance program (over 10 years) has enabled a model of growth, learning, and adaptation that has resulted in improved resilience practice at the local and sub-national levels and enhanced organizational and programmatic credibility.

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