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In this project, funded by the Center of Disaster & Philanthropy (CDP), Relief International (RI) rebuilt three Flood Protection Walls in District Dera Ismail Khan, to save more than 11,000 flood affectees from future floods. The walls also irrigate over 22000 kanals of dry land, helping local farmers. The project used local materials and people’s participation to ensure the walls’ durability and acceptance. The walls have improved the lives and livelihoods of the local population by providing protection and irrigation. This is a vital initiative for the flood-prone areas of Pakistan.


  • Funding and Assessment: RI executed this project after conducting a thorough flood protection assessment in the region. It was determined that constructing the protection walls using locally available mud, according to Rod-Kohi norms and values, was the most effective approach.

  • Use of Local Resources: Local resources were extensively utilized in constructing these protection walls, promoting community engagement and ownership of the project. This approach reduced costs and seamlessly integrated the structures into the local environment.

  • Erosion Mitigation: To minimize erosion risk, sandbags, and polythene sheets were strategically incorporated into the design and construction process. This added layer of protection enhances the walls’ durability and effectiveness during flood events.

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