Resident’s Perceptions of Extreme Heat in Beitbridge, Zimbabwe

This research is carried out by Patience Chadambuka1, Sandra Bhatasara2, and Talent Moyo1 with funding support from the Global Disaster Preparedness Center.

Focusing on rural and urban communities, the study sought to understand people’s perceptions on extreme heat in Beitbridge, Zimbabwe. It focused on understanding the extent of extreme heat, how extreme heat affects people and their coping strategies. The study documents and contributes to the broader understanding of extreme heat as a phenomenon that is occurring in contemporary societies and how it configures everyday social realities of different social groups. A mixed research approach was utilized to collect both qualitative and quantitative data. The adoption of both qualitative and qualitative methods engendered understanding subjective experiences of extreme heat and the extent of extreme heat In an attempt to holistically understand extreme heat, the methods utilized include the questionnaire, focus group discussions (FGDs), and key-informant interviews. The studyfound out that in both rural and urban Beitbridge individuals perceived extreme heat differently. It  was  found  out  that extreme heat largely negatively affected livelihoods and health, individuals used various means to amelioratethe  impactsof  extreme  heat,  there  is  less  institutional  support  on dealing  with extreme  heat  and  its  immediate  implications,  and  finally  there  isneed  to  improve  on communication systems in relation to extreme heat.

  1. Midlands State University, Department of Community Studies, Zimbabwe
  2. University of Zimbabwe, Environment, Climate and Sustainable Development Institute

Zimbabwe Heat Perceptions research by P. Chadambuka 2022

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