Urgency of heatwave risk management

This issue of Southasiadisasters.net is titled the ‘Urgency of Heatwave Risk Management’. Heatwaves are not only here to stay but will accelerate in their frequency, severity, loss and damage, at all levels. Read 15 vibrant and realize perspectives to find your own way to manage heatwave risk, to avoid heatwave-caused deaths.

As climate change intensifies, the danger posed by heatwaves is increasing every year. Heatwaves can be extremely deadly and yet they still tend to receive only limited attention from humanitarians and emergency response agencies, or from policymakers more generally. One notable exception to this general lack of attention is the city of Ahmedabad in Gujarat, India, which suffered from a deadly heatwave in 2010.

Source: All India Disaster Mitigation Institute

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