Words into Action guidelines: Using traditional knowledges for disaster risk reduction

Formed over centuries and adapted to local cultures and environments, the term “Traditional Knowledge” refers to the knowledge, practices, and behaviours of indigenous and local communities all around the world.

In the context of Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR), Traditional Knowledge lies in the accumulated experience that comes with the close relationship of Indigenous communities to their environment, formed through successive trials and errors over generations.

The Words into Action: Using Traditional and Indigenous Knowledges for Disaster Risk Reduction guide argues that we need the space for traditional and scientific knowledge to co-exist. It gives guidance in translating the Sendai Framework into credible and implementable actions for DRR with a focus on the application of Traditional and Indigenous Knowledges. It outlines possible ways in which this knowledge can be used to reduce, prepare for and respond to disasters and provides a methodology to include aspects of Traditional Knowledge in decision-making.

It is also filled with practical guidance for stakeholders in the DRR community, including administrative bodies, disaster risk management professionals, local people and indigenous communities, among many others.

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