WWF Free Rivers


Free rivers is an augmented reality (AR) experience which was born from the desire to illustrate what the future could like if rivers are not kept free flowing and protected. The app, launched by the World Wildlife Fund (WWF), creates an entire river system in the users living room and gives a birds-eye view of habitats, such as a river basin, a rainforest, and a mountain region. Within the experience, users learn through navigation and narration about why free flowing rivers are so important, what happens when they are not well managed, and how development can still happen, but sustainably.

This case study is part of the research paper: “Immersive technologies & digital games for school disaster preparedness.” Find out more on the topic page (link below).

Immersive technologies & digital games for school disaster preparedness, WWF Free Rivers
https://preparecenter.org/topics/immersive-technologies-digital-games, https://www.worldwildlife.org/pages/explore-wwf-free-rivers-a-new-augmented-reality-app

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