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Congratulations to the 2nd Small Grants Winners: Nepal, Vanuatu, Lao PDR and Bangladesh Red Cross Red Crescent!

Lucy Price 13 Oct 2021

The Asia Pacific Urban Community Resilience Hub is pleased to announce the winners of the 2nd Urban Community Resilience Small Grant Initiative: Nepal Red Cross, Vanuatu Red Cross, Lao Red Cross and Bangladesh Red …

Congratulations to the 2nd Small Grants Winners: Nepal, Vanuatu, Lao PDR and Bangladesh Red Cross Red Crescent! Read More »

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Connected: How Albania’s new Emergency Operation Centre enables effective disaster risk management

Jonathan Ulrich 28 Sep 2021
As auxiliaries to national governments and as trusted partners, Red Cross National Societies around the world are involved in many disaster management...

Hot off the press: Heatwave FbF Feasibility Study in Dhaka

Lucy Price 10 Sep 2021
July 2021 was the world’s hottest month ever, while Asia recorded its warmest July ever. As the global temperature is on rise, heatwaves are becomin...

Better together: Working with local partners to build flood resilient infrastructure in Montenegro

Jonathan Ulrich 01 Sep 2021
The Flood Resilience Measurement for Communities (FRMC) provides a holistic and systematic picture of communities’ strengths and gaps when it co...

1st Urban Hub Youth Leadership Meeting: from Urban DRR, Community Resilience and Climate Action, Asia Pacific Youth Tackle it All

Lucy Price 19 Aug 2021
On August 18, 2021, National Societies and RCRC Youth Volunteers from across the region gathered to discuss Red Cross Red Crescent opportunities and a...

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Exploring co-benefits: Community-centred resilience building in times of Covid-19
Jonathan Ulrich 18 May 2021
As Covid-19 continues to affect communities globally, humanitarian and development organizations need to adapt our way of working. This case study fro...
Migrants hit an “invisible wall” in accessing COVID-19 care and vaccines
Nesrine Aouinti 06 Apr 2021
Originally posted on IFRC website: Geneva, 9 March 2021 – A new report released today documents an “invisible wall” that has blocked migrants fr...
Adaptability in Times of Covid-19: Exploring Digital Resilience Building
Jonathan Ulrich 26 Mar 2021
Traditional on-site and face-to-face resilience building activities are unavailable to humanitarian and development organizations due to the Coronavir...
New IFRC Report: Alarming Levels of Climate-related Displacement
Nesrine Aouinti 19 Mar 2021
Originally published on the IFRC website on March 16 2021. The International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC) report, Respon...
How Digital Transformation in Humanitarian Assistance is Impacting the Global COVID-19 Response.
Celine Erickson 28 Sep 2020
Preserving the four principles of humanity, impartiality, neutrality, and independence, generally referred to as the humanitarian principles, is vital...
Red Cross First Aid App Sees Boost from COVID-19 Content
Red Cross First Aid App Sees Boost From COVID-19 Content
Tassia Stewart 18 Sep 2020
Creating lifesaving impact is the ultimate goal of any humanitarian organization, and this is especially true for the 192 National Societies that make...
8 Resources Families Can Use to Support Children in the Pandemic
Celine Erickson 27 May 2020
According to the World Bank, the COVID-19 pandemic is causing more than 1.6 billion children and youth to be out of school in 161 countries. This is c...
Tackling Social Stigma Around COVID-19
Bonnie Haskell 13 Mar 2020
Ombretta Baggio, IFRC Senior Advisor, Community Engagement and Accountability In more than two months, the number of people confirmed to have been inf...
Helping Ebola survivors survive in Sierra Leone
Global Disaster Preparedness Center 22 Apr 2015
By Lisa Pattison, IFRC Without a doubt, stepping over the threshold to leave an Ebola treatment centre for the last time gives a patient a certain deg...
Being an Ebola responder at an Ebola treatment center: the story of Francis Nallu
Global Disaster Preparedness Center 22 Apr 2015
This is the story of Francis Nallu, an Infection Prevention Control Supervisor, working at the Ebola treatment center (ETC). I supervise and train a l...