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Successful Completion of Small Grants II: Youth Trailblaze Urban Climate Action in Asia Pacific

Avatar photo Lucy Price 02 Dec 2022

Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic in October 2021 the Asia Pacific Urban Community Resilience Hub launched the 2nd Urban Community Resilience Small Grants, supported by the Asia Pacific Disaster Resilience Centre …

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Data and the Power of Storytelling in Global Development

Avatar photo Brighton Musevenzo 24 Oct 2022
Maya Angelou once said that people will forget what you said, what you did, but will never forget how you made them feel, probably a popular adage but...

New FREE online course puts Operational Research at the heart of Humanitarian Action

Avatar photo Nesrine Aouinti 24 Oct 2022
Press Release, 18 October 2022, Geneva, Switzerland A collaboration between the Geneva Centre of Humanitarian Studies, the Aga Khan University, and th...

Leaders and Data Driven Decision Making: Why it Matters

Avatar photo Brighton Musevenzo 12 Sep 2022
The importance of data in informing sound decision making for management and key stakeholders cannot be over emphasized especially in this period and ...

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The IFRC Alert Hub Initiative Spurs Innovation for Effective Emergency Alerting.
Avatar photo Celine Erickson 29 Apr 2022
An amazing surge of innovations in emergency alerting is happening now to ensure accurate and actionable emergency alerts reach communities around the...
Berkeley Disaster Lab Academics Mobilize AI Solutions to Confront Climate Change Disruptions.
Avatar photo Celine Erickson 09 Apr 2022
“Sixty percent of the twenty-five countries most affected by climate change are affected by conflicts and wars. Climate hazard adaptation is lacking...
Connected: How Albania’s new Emergency Operation Centre enables effective disaster risk management
Zurich Flood Alliance Jonathan Ulrich 28 Sep 2021
As auxiliaries to national governments and as trusted partners, Red Cross National Societies around the world are involved in many disaster management...
1st Asia Pacific Regional Heatwave Meeting: Key Recommendations and Call to Action
Avatar photo Lucy Price 12 May 2021
1st Asia Pacific Regional Heatwave Meeting : a collective success of policy, praxis, research, and humanitarian leadership Heatwaves, or silent disast...
Volunteers ensure disaster preparedness actions
Volunteers ensure disaster preparedness actions
Avatar photo Miguel Aguirre 23 Aug 2019
“Each and every person here has huge potential. We just have to bring it out,” says Harun al Rashid—an American Red Cross staff member traini...