Migrants hit an “invisible wall” in accessing COVID-19 care and vaccines

Nesrine Aouinti 06 Apr 2021

Originally posted on IFRC website: Geneva, 9 March 2021 – A new report released today documents an “invisible wall” that has blocked migrants from accessing basic services since the start …

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Mapping the knowledge-building of a global network

Nesrine Aouinti 19 Apr 2021
Why we’re mapping research? As a member of the Red Cross Red Crescent Research Consortium (RC3), the Global Disaster Preparedness Center (GDPC) deve...

Adaptability in Times of Covid-19: Exploring Digital Resilience Building

Jonathan Ulrich 26 Mar 2021
Traditional on-site and face-to-face resilience building activities are unavailable to humanitarian and development organizations due to the Coronavir...

On the Path to End the Gender Gap in Humanitarian Action

Mira Adam 07 Mar 2021
On the Path to End Gender Gap in Humanitarian Action  One of the pressing issues consistently being brought to the floor of discussion is The Gender ...

The Blue Guide To Coastal Resilience, Protecting Coastal Communities Through Nature-based Solutions

Nesrine Aouinti 10 Feb 2021
On February 2, 2021, the Nature Conservancy published The Blue Guide to Coastal Resilience that provides Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR) planners a...

Data Readiness Toolkit Launched to Build Competencies of National Societies

Celine Erickson 05 Jan 2021
New DATA READINESS TOOLKIT aims to build data competencies across the Red Cross Red Crescent Movement The Global Disaster Preparedness Center (GDPC) h...

Supporting Children During Stressful Times

Tassia Stewart 05 Jan 2021
By Sam Johnson Program Lead, Youth Preparedness, American Red Cross Now more than ever, it’s critical we have open conversations with the children i...

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