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Inclusive and Accessible Early Warning/Early Action (EWEA) Challenge

29 Mar 2023

Calling on Innovative Early Warning Early Action Champions! If you’re a Red Cross Red Crescent active volunteer, staff or team, the Solferino Academy and the Global Disaster Preparedness Center (GDPC) have an exciting challenge for you. The Inclusive and Accessible Early Warning/Early Action (EWEA) Challenge focuses on ways Red Cross and Red Crescent National Societies work toward inclusive and accessible programming for Early …

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New Teen Prep Kit Supports Young People to Get Started with Disaster Preparedness

Avatar photo Rita Ewing 07 Mar 2023
The Global Disaster Preparedness Center and the American Red Cross are pleased to announce the launch of Teen Prep Kit, a unique resource designed to ...

Nobody can predict earthquakes, but we can forecast them. Here’s how

Global Disaster Preparedness Center 15 Feb 2023
After devastating earthquakes, it’s common to see discussion of earthquake prediction. An earthquake prediction requires, in advance, the specif...

Working with local partners – and nature – for flood resilience

Zurich Flood Alliance Jonathan Ulrich 27 Jan 2023
Building on the successful cooperation between the Red Cross of Montenegro and the municipality of Golubovci on the repair and construction of a flood...

Successful Completion of Small Grants II: Youth Trailblaze Urban Climate Action in Asia Pacific

Avatar photo Lucy Price 02 Dec 2022
Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic in October 2021 the Asia Pacific Urban Community Resilience Hub launched the 2nd Urban Community Resilience Small Grants,...

Leaders and Data Driven Decision Making: Why it Matters

Avatar photo Brighton Musevenzo 12 Sep 2022
The importance of data in informing sound decision making for management and key stakeholders cannot be over emphasized especially in this period and ...

The IFRC Alert Hub Initiative Spurs Innovation for Effective Emergency Alerting

Avatar photo Celine Erickson 29 Apr 2022
An amazing surge of innovations in emergency alerting is happening now to ensure accurate and actionable emergency alerts reach communities around the...

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