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The Weather of Hell: Experience of Italian Red Cross During 2023 Heat waves

25 Jan 2024

2023 was officially named the hottest year on record, marked by scorching heatwaves across the globe. As the frequency and intensity of heatwaves are projected to rise, it is crucial to prepare and reduce risks to save lives. The Global Disaster Preparedness Center (GDPC) asked National Red Cross Red Crescent (RCRC) Societies to reflect on their response to 2023 heatwaves and share lessons learned to better prepare for future extreme heat events. This case study explores the preparedness and response […]

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Navigating the “dog days:” Experience of the Mexican Red Cross during 2023 heatwaves

Avatar photo Adriana Mangones 23 Feb 2024
2023 was officially named the hottest year on record, marked by scorching heat waves across the globe. With heat waves projected to increase in both f...

Use of AI in health emergencies: Insights from a simulated telephone survey

Avatar photo Philippe Borremans 07 Feb 2024
In public health emergencies, timely and accurate information is crucial for effective response strategies. My experiment looks at how artificial inte...

Climate crises Q&A: Why have some recent storms gained so much strength, so quickly?

Global Disaster Preparedness Center 05 Feb 2024
Warming oceans and the El Nino phenomenon have caused some storms to gain strength far more rapidly than predicted. When communities are caught off-gu...

Japan spent decades making itself earthquake resilient. Here’s how

Global Disaster Preparedness Center 05 Jan 2024
This story was prepared and originally published by National Geographic. Japan has earned a reputation as one of the most disaster-ready nations in th...

Addressing Disaster Risk Governance through the Lens of Legal Preparedness

Rachel Macleod 28 Nov 2023
Authors: Rachel Macleod, IFRC Senior Disaster Law Officer, and Tommaso Natoli, Disaster Law Focal Point for EU at the Italian Red Cross and IFRC In th...

Disaster early-warning systems can succeed – but collective action is needed

Global Disaster Preparedness Center 22 Nov 2023
By Andrew C. Tupper & Carina J. Fearnley Early warnings have long been known to be vital for saving lives and economic pain when disaster threaten...

New IFRC & Save the Children Online Course Teaches How to Localize Early Action Messages

Avatar photo Karin Metz 15 Nov 2023
The new self-paced online course Public Awareness Public Education (PAPE) & the WhatNow Service: Localizing action-oriented messages is now availa...

Hope amid the heat: Volunteers like Fatema Khatun help neighbors through sweltering heatwaves in Bangladesh

Global Disaster Preparedness Center 20 Oct 2023
This story was originally published on the IFRC website, along with a video story. As the sun blazes mercilessly over Bajakajla Slum in Rajshahi City,...

Building a Resilient Future: 20+ Tools and Resources for Disaster Risk Reduction

Avatar photo Vladislav Kovalevski 13 Oct 2023
It’s International Day for Disaster Risk Reduction, so let’s discuss how we can make our communities safer and more resilient. Held every ...

Innovating for Inclusion: RCRC National Societies’ Solutions to Improve Early Warnings

Avatar photo Vladislav Kovalevski 09 Oct 2023
Early warning is a crucial element of disaster preparedness that saves lives and mitigate disaster impact. But some community members and entire commu...

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Zurich Flood Alliance Jonathan Ulrich 27 Jan 2023
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Using Maps to Prepare in Uganda
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Protecting the Tourist Economy in Coastal Ecuador
Global Disaster Preparedness Center 12 May 2014
In coastal Ecuador, tourism is an important part of the local economy. Prone to earthquakes and tsunamis, community members have made it a priority to...
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