Information Management at IFRC – Data Playbook (Beta)

This module covers the nuances between data and information management to serve diverse audiences at IFRC. It answers the question:  What is the Information Management role at IFRC? 


A suggested step by step process to achieve learning objectives.

  1. What is Data Literacy at IFRC? [SlideDeck 6] Provides an overview of Data Literacy and the Data Literacy Program at IFRC.
  2. Data and Information Management Basics [SlideDeck 9] A longer slide deck covering what is data, what is data literacy and information management overviews.
  3. Run the Global Surge IM Role: Test Scenario [Exercise 8] to provide a disaster scenario and explore Information Management’s role.
  4. Review the Information Management in Emergencies at the IFRC [Handout 7].


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Short, discrete social learning experiences


For documentation of essential elements of the learning experience


To be distributed to participants for use post-training

Next Steps 

Other relevant modules from the data playbook beta:

  • How might we build and implement a ‘Data-Driven Project’? [Module 3]


Download the module description (PDF) or download all the resources contained in this module here
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